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The Blackford NAC and San Jose's Strong Neighborhoods Initiative

Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI)

Launched in July 2000, the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative has served San Jose in trying to serve its main goal: to listen to San Jose residents’ ideas for neighborhood improvement, connect neighborhoods to resources, and respond to neighborhood priorities.


SNI is a partnership between the City Council, the Mayor, and San Jose residents and business owners to strengthen the City’s neighborhoods. This initiative aims to improve neighborhood conditions, enhance community safety, improve community services, and strengthen neighborhood associations. The Blackford neighborhood is one of 20 planning areas in San Jose specified as a Strong Neighborhood area. The Initiative is funded through resources from the City of San Jose, the Redevelopment Agency, private investments, and public-private partnerships.


To guide the planning process, each SNI area formed a Neighborhood Action Coalition (NAC) made up of residents, property owners, business owners, school representatives and other community members and stakeholders.