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About the Blackford Neighborhood

The Blackford neighborhood is predominantly residential, home to people of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Community members value the people who make up their neighborhood, and are especially appreciative of those residents who have been instrumental in making positive changes to the area.

The Blackford neighborhood is primarily made up of single and multi-family residential neighborhoods, with several small commercial pockets. Residents benefit from convenient access to local retail, such as grocery markets and good restaurants. They also enjoy nearby recreational resources, such as Starbird Park and community facility, the Green Thumb community garden, and open space that local schools and religious institutions share with the public.

In addition to these neighborhood strengths, there are significant challenges to be addressed. Community members identified necessary changes related to neighborhood beautification, enhanced pedestrian safety, and infrastructure, as well as retail and housing revitalization.

In order to meet neighborhood improvement goals, the City of San Jose, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, and the Blackford community joined in a strategic planning process that established a shared vision for the neighborhood. That vision serves as the foundation of this Plan, to direct and coordinate future planning decisions, guide physical changes in the neighborhood, and identify needed community services.

"Vision is not seeing things as they are, but how they can be."